RIP Toby.
Junger Schatz Tobias "Toby" CDX.
20th April 91 - 18th Nov 2001

RIP Toby

Our pretty boy Toby is now at the rainbow bridge with his friend who went there before him. He was such a fighter and had so much dignity. Of course we fought our battles of who is the boss and at times he did won:) He helped me raise Deborah and Sarah and raised Lisa the cat, plus Caolan and Neala.

Toby tells the Cat

Even the big dogs respected him and left him alone. He was a big traveler, born in Colorado, than lived in 2 places in Germany, back to the US to live in Mississippi, Alabama and now Tucson. Still see him with Spike sharing raw hides, playing with Sheilo, going with me on two Marathons, one of this with his friend Lacy. Boy, had they fun running in the fields and he rolled in the dirt, because he didn't see the ditch. My mom was scared of dogs, but when we shipped him over to Germany ahead of us, she just fell in love with him. He protected her from Teenagers when they did their late night piddle walk. He ran up to bikes if they had a baby carrier on the back to check and see that it's not his girls in there. Than in Mississippi with the help of Patty we got our CD and CDX. He made so many friends there, some of them being gone by now. The only house he ever marked in was my best friend Lou's house:) What a stinker he was. Guess he needed to make a point with Gemma being an IW, than the Spinone and Harvey in the house. He wasn't too fond of pushy Labs, but can understand his point. One time Jan was working with Torque on the dog walk and Sarah and Toby worked on jumps. Toby saw the jumps and took off and went on the dogwalk from the other end. When the two met on the dogwalk, had no idea how to get him down, because I worked Neala. Neala being her helpful self thought this was cool and tried to jump on top of the dog walk from the side. Finally got Toby off, but got a few gray hairs in the process. Toby loved to flirt with the girls, even he was neutered at 6 month of age. We do miss him very much, but at least he can run again, bark and dig if he wants to and his coat will always stay nice and clean and it will never has to be brushed again. I saved some of his hair. We should get his ashes back in 5-7 days and he will be with us for the rest of my life. 10 years is just not enough time, but than what is enough time. During his decline, he introduced me to some very special people and our whole family learned so much. He looked so peaceful after it was all over.

My first dog love I ever had.

Sylvia and family

RIP Toby, sweet dreams!

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