RIP Zippy
Crossed to the Bridge 4th August '01

RIP Zippy

Zippy Woolley crossed over yesterday morning 4/8/01. He was turned 14, a good age for a shi-tsui(?). Zippy was Brandy's first new friend when I started to walk Brandy in 93 and they stayed firm friends until Brandy crossed over. On Brandy's last morning, Zippy knew, and gave him a long and last goodbye lick. Zippy greeted Oliver on his first morning and friends they became, the little feller alongside the big feller. Beryl, Zippy's companion, plans to do a "Cheesman" and slip the casket of Zipp's ashes alongside her husband's grave, later this week. After he crossed the bridge, yesterday morning, I know Brandy was waiting to welcome his long time pal home. Sad for Beryl as Zippy was the last "connection" to her husband and for me, it's brought back the loss of my Brandy. Oliver and I walk on our own tomorrow. Robin

Zippy 2



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