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In Loving Memory of


August 16th 2008 to March 22nd 2015

B-G Dog ID = 63102

Forever loved and missed by Christine Crowe Delapp and family

Scarlett came into our lives after many sad events in our lives. I thought I bought her for my boy Jasper (my heart & soul dog). Jasper had a BARC female come to our home as a foster, he adored her. We decided to look for a female Berner for him. The breeder we had met and were waiting for a female pup from had to call us and inform us that our pup had died. I had just lost our pregnancy, our BARC girl had left our home and now the pup we were hoping for had died. That breeder called on our behalf to another breeder who had just had a litter. We waited patiently and then got the great news that we were going to bring home a baby Berner.... Scarlett

Scarlett came into our lives, with such excitement. She brought joy and happiness to our family. Little did we all know that God had two more surprises for us in the next two months.... 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Followed by my boy being diagnosed with spine cancer a month and a half later. I was in such shock and about to loose my boy. There sitting next to me was this sweet little girl we named Scarlett. I always thought we had bought Scarlett for Jasper but it turned out God must of brought her into our lives for me.

Scarlett, Scarlie, Princess, Pretty Girl, and Pepe le Pew ( for her Swiss kiss) are just a few names I called her.

When our daughter was born 9 months later I accidentally called her princess in front of Scarlett, my God the face she gave me was priceless.

Scarlett became sick just after her 2nd birthday. We had every test under the sun performed to find the answer to her pain. She was diagnosed with aseptic meningitis. She fought that terrible disease on and off for 4.5 years. This disease's treatment is what first damaged my girls kidney's.

Scarlett fought each episode with such courage and strength. At times she was on 19 pills a day. I thought I was going to loose her many times over the past 4.5 years and each time she would shock me and her treating veterinarians.

Anyone who knew Scarlie loved her, she won over almost all people. She ran this house as our alpha girl by ruling with kisses and grooming techniques.

I will forever miss her, I adore everything about her. I was so incredibly blessed to be her mom.

Never once did she try to fill the shoes of my first Berner, she waited for my heart to begin to heal and wound up stealing my heart.

Even at the end , she did not want to leave me but I felt after all her fighting that I needed to give her the gift of peace.

There will never be another Scarlett, my Ms. Perfect. Thank you Princess for being such an amazing girl. Run free, enjoy all the health and peace at the Rainbow Bridge. I know I will see you and Jasper again someday. I hope to see my sign that we talked about before you left.

God bless you Scarlett!!!

In Loving Memory of

Christine's Jasper

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