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In Loving Memory of


June 2015 ...almost eighteen years...

Forever loved and missed by Diana Gerba

I’m saddened to say this week I had to let my little Rambo’s spirit go.
Almost 18 years ago I drove to Jimmy's ranch in Nevada
and picked up Rambo and her littermate, Shane...
hence the name the Cowboy Kitties.

Jimmy had named her Rambo, thinking she was a boy kitty
however, when I got home I discovered his error.
I tried Rambette and Rambolina,
but it wasn’t right…she was one tough little girl
so Rambo was her name.

She learned the ways of dog from Cooper, my first Berner…
and then taught Fidelio, Donato and Tesoro the ways of felines.
She was the sensible half of the Cowboy Kitties,
her partner Shane was the one who played with the puppies and was the goof ball.
Rambo ruled the household and kept order, but she also had her silly moments.

She was the one who climbed the Christmas tree,
got stuck under the house with a litter of baby skunks,
and loved to lounge in the mixing bowl atop the highest cabinet in the kitchen.

Tesoro and I will miss our tough but very sweet little girl.
Rambo had a great long life…run free my dear,
frolic with your brother Shane and keep all our boy dogs in line over the bridge.
You’ll be forever in my heart.

In Loving Memory of


Fidelio Donato

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