In Loving Memory of


Zaanz Agent Provococateur

April 20th 2007 to January 12th 2015

Greatly loved and so very sadly missed by Annie Bell

It is with a heavy heart that I let Hunter cross the Rainbow Bridge just after 0900 today.
Hunter lived with me for 7 months, 2 weeks and 5 days.

In recent weeks he has had rapid weight loss. In spite of being fed three high quality meals a day, I could not stem his decline. His last weight was 41.8 kg. He also was in some pain, which whilst it could be relieved with palliative pain care meds for a time, the weight loss meant that it was likely his passing was to be within days.
He was losing weight at the rate of 400g a day.

He crossed the bridge to join his father Axel, Uncles Gideon, Spike and Harry Potter
and non pedigree relative Uncle Harry Brat.

Hunter was a doll of a dog with the most kissable head and insightful big brown eyes. He looked like a yak with a big coat and feet larger than Gideon's. He slept through thunder storms, loved the company of the girls.

He did manage to enter two veterans parades although his appearance in the second was not to be because of bloating 30 minutes prior to walking into the ring.

He left his mark in my home crashing through two fly wire window screens to access indoors at a time of his making. I still am to remove the Pupcasso marks from the windows. He amused the vets when I explained that he had short nails on the front was from scrambling up the brickwork, not a overly zealous doggy pedicure.

He will be the inspiration for my quilt for the 2016 Health Auction. I have the fabric already and am about to write to the designer to ask permission to use one of their designs.

Hunter reminded me why I have a soft spot for Berner Boys. It wil be a while before another comes to morph the Hunter space into their own. All I do know is that the next boy will be a puppy who will be called Chifley.

Run free darling boy, you made a Hunter space in my heart and the best I could do was set you free.

Annie (Berner Tragic) in Wagga Wagga Australia with Suki-lala, Harri-ette the 'orrible dog
and Remembering Harry Brat (22/6/02-22/3/08) - heart dog, forever young;
Special Spike (1/8/05 - 19/10/11) - supreme master of the happy dance;
Gideon von Wink (13/1/03 - 10/2/14) - my teacher;
and Hunter - man most handsome (20/4/2007 - 12/1/2015).

The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award
In Loving Memory of Harry Brat

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