In Loving Memory of

Monte The Bear

Highmoor Prince

22nd August 2009 to 24th April 2014

Loved and so sadly missed by David and Helen Beedie

Monte was our second Berner, our first lived a long life lasting to nearly 11 years old. Monte was born in Tavistock, an only pup, and throughout his life was in an environment of love and warmth and happiness. This reflected on him - he was the most puppyish, playful and friendly boy we could ever have wished to have. Everyone he met loved him, he made them smile and made their day just a little bit better.

From our time with our first Berner, we knew of all of the issues with this breed. They have this genetic problem through years of inbreeding that sits inside them like a time bomb. If you are lucky, it does not go off. We were not. When I buried Monte, I lifted him into the grave and he was perfect, from his whiskery nose to the socks on his paws. But inside, cancer had struck so quickly, he was finished.

Our thanks go to the staff of the University of Bristol Veterinary Hospital in Langport, Somerset who cared for Monte in his last days - we are thankful we found the problems early and that he did not suffer any pain. We are grateful for their advice and for their tissues.

When it comes to the end of a life, you have to do the right thing. If you love somebody, set them free. We will always love you, Bear. Always. Monte now rests in a bluebell wood with Woofa, they play in a field surrounded by rabbits and cows and badgers and deer and pigs and geese and all sorts of woodland creatures. They are having a ball.

Monte The Bear
22nd August 2009 - 24th April 2014

Always loved - Helen and David

In Loving Memory of

Woofa Bear Beedie
11/19/97 - 09/11/08
Loyal. Generous.
Loving. Magnificent.
So much loved by
David and Helen Beedie

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