In Loving Memory of


July 28th 2010 to August 5th 2014

B-G Dog ID = 109652

Greatly loved and so very sadly missed by Mike and Pam Martin and her furry brother and sister.

Words can never truly describe the feelings of love we hold within our heart for you. Although love isn’t something measured in time, it still feels we never had a long enough time to share that love.

She knew nothing of life beyond the confines of a small cage for nearly four years. Whatever official name she may have had we’ll never know, but it really never mattered to our hearts. She was greatly underweight, neglecting in health and lacking in socialization and trust. The only love she was ever shown in life before being with us, was shown out of reasons for having pups to sell for the greed of money. It was a sad and terrible injustice she endured.

She was given the name Hope by her wonderful rescuer, for the aspirations of the life she deserved to enjoy beyond what she only knew in a puppy mill. She had a beautifully marked coat and a gentle quiet disposition, but it was her eyes that spoke of her soul that captured our hearts. If it was to be called a challenge, to reach beyond her fearfulness, uncertainty and distrust, then it was a challenge that was undertook by us out of love, understanding and care. Every day we shared with her brought about new found freedoms and experiences for her and enlightened our hearts. Yes, Hope she was fittingly named, for we as well held those same aspirations for her as her rescuer did.

Curiosities were explored and satisfied, trust was slowly gained and routines took shape. She enjoyed spending time with her new brother and sister, learning from them, warming to the fact she was a part of the family and always trying to engage them in play. Each progressive step forward we could read in her eyes the positives and closeness she was developing. She was enjoying her simple freedoms of choice like where to sleep, when to come inside. Her looks of fright or flight gave way to her coming closer to us with looks of “I want to come to you and receive love and attention like the other two, but I don’t know how to express it.” Patience and time was the answer, but it was not meant to be, for the big guy upstairs must have had a very important reason that took priority and called her to the bridge. She passed away in my arms from a relapse of GDV a day before she was to have surgery to have her stomach tacked. Though we grieve her passing, we take a small sense of comfort in knowing we showed her what true love was, what it felt like to enjoy freedom, good food, companionship and know that there was a reason to trust in others. You are forever home with us Hope and we shall greatly miss our pretty girl with the eyes that showed her beautiful soul. Our time together was way too short but the love is forever to be held within our hearts.

Run free sweet love with our other furry angels waiting to greet you, to share romps and play eternally, until we all reunite again, for we are all family.

Forever loved and remembered, Mom and Dad

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For the Indiana Swiss Gang in earlier days

In Loving Memory of

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