In Loving Memory of


Banner’s Princess Noelle RN.RA TDI CGC. W-FD, W-FDX

November 4th 2004 to July 10th 2014

B-G Dog ID = 43197

Loved and so sadly missed by Marjorie Geiger and Family

Her name may have been Princess, yet she ruled as Queen of the house and my heart. This is a brief story of her wonderful life. For 2 years we had been on several breeders waiting lists for a puppy. A friend called to tell me there were BMD’s in the newspaper. We drove 4 hours to the home of a disillusioned backyard breeder. In a dingy garage in a large wooden puppy box sat a little girl with her brother. It was love at first sight. She came to us on Dec 23, 2005. This unlikely start was ordained to be a tremendous blessing for us.

She quickly grew into a gangly puppy that could pull harder than t win bulls. Although I was a very experienced dog trainer none of my old ways worked with the determined little girl. She made me want to be a different trainer, so I took a class and we met Sara who gave me my first of many clicker classes. Obedience, agility, carting, nosework, herding and freestyle were explored and enjoyed. Elle became a popular visitor when I worked in Assisted living. She had a knack for sharing her calmness and joy.

She was 14 months old when we tried the rally ring. No one in our area had ever done rally, so a girlfriend and I read the rules and moves and figured things out. I was very nervous doing the first stations, yet it all became fun when Elle sat and looked up at me smiling, and said with her expressive eyes, “What’s next?” She loved the spotlight although time and circumstance didn’t allow us many chances to compete. But we did demos and performances all around our area. She loved to train, and would whine at the door to go to the workroom, yet she didn’t like to drill. Elle figured that 3 or 4 times on a move was sufficient, so we needed new ideas all the time. I was endlessly surprised and excited at how she would create moves and behaviors. The beauty of shaping behaviors has kept me on my toes, and it has been a wonderful partnership.

“What’s next?” has been her motto. She has to do this next part without me. Yet she is going to be greeted by her first love Mojo, our Aussie. Our dear berner Cyrus, that loved her and me in that order, will be right beside Mo to greet her.

Tommy, our charming puppy will have to learn how to do life without Elle. She has been his surrogate mother, protector, playmate and teacher. And we will have to learn how to get by without her. She has been the sweetest companion. Her joie de vivre has brightened our lives for 8.8 years. She is gifted at how to comfort and cuddle. As I cry, I miss her solid warmth that would soothe my aches away. For eight years in the traumatic losses of loved ones, (parents and friends and companions) she has been there to comfort me. I’ve had many wonderful dogs, but there has only been one Elle.

She is my heart dog, and with her loss, my heart is shattered. I know she’ll be waiting for me when it’s my turn to meet Jesus. She’ll give me a play bow, and yodel a greeting to say, “what took you so long?” So she is again teaching me to look for what’s next.

Marg in SC with beautiful Tommy
Forever in my heart are Mojo, Cyrus and Elle.

PS Grammatically speaking, I know my past and present tenses are all messed up, yet although she’s gone so much of her lives with me. I just can’t get them straight.

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