In Loving Memory of


November 13th 2007 to June 8th 2014

B-G Dog ID = 110186

Loved and so sadly missed by Amy Wylan and Family

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DJ, this winter at the beach with the berner group.....snow, sand and water

Our DJ, beautiful soul, kindest dog in all of the world bloated last weekend and he passed away on the way to the emergency vet. DJ was our rescue boy who came to us at 4 1/2 from a very sad neglected life one week after our Lola died tragically of histio at 5 1/2.

DJ helped heal our hearts. DJ taught us to live everyday with him as a gift. He had a lot of health issues but had such a joy for life. Once he discovered belly rubs, cookies, affection ,the leather couch and love he discovered being a pet was the best thing in the world. The only thing he never understood was that dogs liked to play- he was the barker and the policeman. sometimes he got a tad aggressive when boy dogs played so I stopped taking him to those places that stressed him. Other than that he loved all people, and especially berner girls and little dogs. Mostly he loved his family, he was a mommas boy and I always wanted to be the person he thought I was. that saying is so true. He loved Bella, whom we rescued 4 months later. they trusted and loved each other. our hearts are aching and our home lost a huge presence. DJ was our " king of the couch", our prince, best boy, sweet boy, and we loved to imagine him as a puppy getting into all the berner mischief.

He deserved a longer time enjoying his life. He took to being a spoiled berner like a fish in water, we miss him.

I know the signs for bloat and always have the chart handy. but it happened so quickly. the vets said he never had a chance- they would not have had enough time to operate. It was so tragic.

My poor Bella misses him so much. She loved him and was his sister bratwurst. She is so subdued and only knew her life with us with DJ here.

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DJ in the backyard a week before he died.

For earlier pics of DJ

Rescue Berner DJ

In Loving Memory of

Isabelle's Leaping Lolita

4/6/06 - 11/18/11
She filled our lives
with so much joy
Amy Wylan and Family
B-G Dog ID = 46516

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