In Loving Memory of


Died April 2013

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Larry Miller and family

I got my little Swissy girl just before Marley turned 7. My reason was that Marley was at an age when something could take him from me. She was to be my "crying towel." Well, Marley defied many odds and lived to be 11+. I know I was very lucky as when I got him, I knew nothing of the breeds health issues. When Marley was put to sleep we had a nice wake for him and I cried. After that I did not cry for him because Uma did a fantastic job of comforting me.

Two weeks ago, she was ripped out of my life by a passing truck. It was a tractor trailer and you don't stop those things easily. I cried for 4 straight days. Every time someone asked "what happened" I would break down in the middle of the story.

Larry's Video Tribute

Life of Uma

I'm past that now and looking forward to getting a Berner puppy I've named Tilla. My wonderful breeder has sent copious pictures and videos. She is an adventurous rascal and guaranteed to keep me busy!

In this video, Uma [2 weeks before she died] meets Tilla and then Tilla follows her all around. Her brother doesn't even come to greet Uma.

For earlier pics of Uma

Uma Therapy

Swissy Uma
loves to argue

In Loving Memory of



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