In Loving Memory of


CH Bedro's Justintime v Greenway
and his herding certificate.

March 16th 2004 to January 7th 2013

B-G Dog ID = 19491

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Maria and Jack Crifasi

Today we helped Justin to the Bridge. I can only imagine how happy he was to see Buddy and Daisy again. I am so grateful that he had a fabulous holiday and spent so much time laying in the snow watching kids sledding and throwing snowballs.

He could open any door with any type of knob. He would wake me up before dawn by slamming his steel food bowl against the wood floor by my bedroom door. He could play a sneaky game of hide and seek. Find It was his most favorite game of all. He loved to lean and cuddle and clean ears. He loved to be groomed and shown in the ring. He filed bills and napkins by eating them. It was Justin who taught me the most of any Berner I have owned. Thank you to Dede Laveran for asking me to co-own this incredible boy with her. Justin’s tissue and blood are being sent to Dr. Breen’s study. Please pour yourselves a nice glass of wine and toast a great Berner.

Justin -- because I had gotten him justintime for my birthday.

Justin the past weekend in the snow.

With thanks to Pat Long for these earlier pics of Justin

Justin made so many friends over the years!

Adored by Pat Long, such a Big Cuddly Bear!

Justin with Jean Cheesman, Gettysburg 2005

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