In Loving Memory of


Died July 2013 aged 17+ yrs

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Carole and Tony Kaye and Daisymae

We just lost our beloved Shepherd mix girl Miss Guinness at age 17+ yrs in July. Our little Daisymae – aged 6, is still missing her big auntie Ginny as are we all. The house just is not the same without our Guinness nor our walks every day. As in so many large dogs, it was her hips which gave out in the end. She was still eating and sleeping and participating in family life. But she had had the ACL surgery at age 11+ and it was the other back leg which finally failed. We were very lucky to have had a large dog for so many years.

Happy 15th Birthday Ginny!

Ginny and Daisymae

They were such friends and Daisy always looked up to Ginny as a role model when she was learning the ropes early on. Daisy was a bit wild and undisciplined when she came up here from South Carolina. She was born underneath a disused trailer home and Russell had to crawl underneath with all the spiders and ants to rescue a bunch of six pups from the dark recesses. He found homes for all of them and Daisy was the runt of the litter we think. She is the love of our life right now!!!

Ginny and her friend Buddy, son Russell's black lab type

Ginny with Pebs

In Loving Memory of

Carole & Tony's

January 1st 1996 to

November 15th 2007
aged 11yrs 10mths
B-G Dog ID = 27780

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