In Loving Memory of


Black Creek Lil Miss Swiss Kisz

August 3rd 2010 to November 15th 2013

B-G Dog ID = 77253

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Mike and Pam Martin and furry kids
Berners: Stetson BG#77386, Bear BG#91054 and St. Bernard: Chewie

"Forever loved her spirit lives within our hearts"

On record she was named Black Creek Lil Miss Swiss Kisz, chosen for her darling wisp of white neck fur, but to all who knew her she was just Abbie. Although not our first Berner, she was our first raised from a pup. Her everyday, influenced by us with love, our everyday, a lesson she taught us.

She was the very heart and soul of our four furry kids. She was the intimidator, the instigator and the motivator of the pack. She was a master of the running drop and roll, used to distract her brothers and sister when play tussling. Then she would leap up and attempt a classic wrestling move by grabbing at a leg for a take down or lash out with a swift paw jab to ward off her playmate. Her energetic spinning dance of happiness always displayed when you walked back in the door, whether you were gone 10 days, 10 hours or 10 minutes. She was an entertainer, a party girl and an angel all rolled into one big sweet package.

She loved playing little miss socialite, and boy, did she know how to work a crowd. Not the kind you’d find ring side at a dog show, but anywhere a gathering of people could be found. While she never was a show girl, she always was a true champion of the heart. She was momma’s little helper in the kitchen, especially when it came to cleaning up, for never a morsel of food stood a chance if it made it to the floor with her around. She knew how to work that combination of big happy smile while flashing those beautiful brown eyes to melt her daddy’s heart and if that didn’t work, a quick ready to give kiss followed by a high five got him every time. Her favorite snuggle, mom of course, for a mothers love is felt and needs no words to describe. Her every new day truly was the greatest day ever to her. She lived it with love, joy and a happiness that words cannot convey, but can only be felt within the heart.

It is in those same hearts of ours that shared every day with her filled with love, joy and happiness, that we are left sharing sadness and sorrow in her being gone. How greatly missed she is at every turn in our daily lives. Our minds see her there in her favorite spots, the feel of her following close beside us and the sound of her soft whimper for attention still echo in our ears. Her spirit lives on within our heart, her love forever felt and our love forever given.

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