In Loving Memory of
21st October '89 - 18th October '00

Vesta, RIP

Pat writes..... The Rainbow Bridge just got a little sweeter, and Hannibal is probably thrilled to see his Vesta again. Vesta was the last puppy that I had, we got her when she was just a little bitty thing. When we were driving home with her, she threw back her head and let out the most primal howl. Hannibal had always been a very quiet boy, so we were very amused by Vesta's vocal commentary on life in general. She had the most wonderful bark, and would run as she gave that deep bark, rearing on her hind legs to throw her whole body into it. She was a Tansy pup through and through! Vesta was a true land shark as a puppy, and adored running under Hannibal and biting at his legs. Hannibal adored his little sister, and would stand there just as pleased as punch while she bit him. Vesta has always been my Sweet SillyGoose, and her fondest activity was to walk in between my legs to allow me to scratch her rear while she rubbed the top of her head up against my rear. Sort of a double duty scratching effort. I have so many wonderful memories - Vesta playing in the shower stall with the cat, Vesta at 5 months sound asleep in sound asleep Paul's lap, Vesta leaping into the air because the cat bit her butt while she was sleeping just to see her leap into the air, Vesta wooowooing at any other dogs, Vesta's face crusted from the pot of blueberry syrup that my mother in law gave her to lick before I realized what was happening, Vesta flying through the snow in Maine as a young dog with her ears flapping, Vesta being carried by Paul through the snow in Maine as a young dog because she had delightedly run herself into exhaustion, Vesta thrilled to have caught a squirrel, Vesta rolling in who knows what just because she loved it, Vesta sighing loudly to help us wake up to attack the day, Vesta covering her eyes with a paw just looking too cute for words, Vesta torn between chasing a duck in the creek or keeping her feet dry, Vesta as a teeny puppy unwilling to come in out of the snow, Vesta jumping up into the bed on weekend mornings for hugs and rubs, Vesta chasing Luther just for the thrill of it, Vesta playing gently with Sam and helping him to find her face again if he lost track. In short, a lifetime of wonderful memories. She has always had a sweet smile on her face, always looked like life was a terrific amount of fun, and always enjoyed whatever she was doing at the moment. I've been blessed with 11 years with a Vesta who was always wonderful to have at my side, and 11 years with almost no health problems whatsoever. She will be missed. But she will always be a part of me. This is a quote from a recent column by Craig Wilson. "Who are these characters who come and go from our lives, leaving behind hair on the sofa and more than a few footnotes in our personal history? Who sends them to us, and who takes them away? Does it matter? "They are gifts. We can only embrace, enjoy and let go when we must. Even if it always seems way too soon." Pat Long, in loving memory of Hannibal, in loving memory of Sam, and in loving memory of Vesta, I will see you all again, have fun while you wait for me

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