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Cancer Support Groups

PetswithCancer (formerly Endlesslove Group)
This is a list for people who have pets with cancer, a place to share the good times and the bad, ask questions, and share information.. It's open to anyone who has a pet with cancer. It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have, what kind of cancer they have or how you're treating it. What we care about is you...

CanineCancer is a support group restricted to people whose dogs are CURRENTLY battling cancer or are awaiting a definitive diagnosis.

BoneCancer Dogs
Our group is dedicated to dogs with osteosarcoma & other bone cancers and to their guardians who fight bravely. It is a place for support, comfort, guidance, learning, encouragement and hope.

In order to belong to this group, your dog *MUST BE IN CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT*. We also welcome anyone whose dog that WAS in treatment (but has passed on) or owners of dogs who are *scheduled to begin* treatment.

Feline Cancer
This is a list for people whose cats either currently have, or have had, cancer.

Feline Lymphoma
This is a list for the discussion of Feline Lymphoma (aka Lymphosarcoma).

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