In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


3/19/96 - 9/2/02

loved by
Sylvia Katvala and Family

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Caolan
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Caolan

Bernese Caolan all grown up
Caolan all grown up with Nicole

Berner Caolan and puppy Neala
Caolan with new babe, Neala

BMD's Caolan and Neala
Caolan and Neala

Bernese, Caolan and Neala
"Hey, Neala! How come you always manage to get in front when the camera's out?
This is supposed to be my page!"

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Caolan and Neala
"That's more like it! I'm almost in the picture"

Sadly, Caolan's Grandam Amy was also lost to Histio
<click here for Amy's Tribute Page>

For Neala's Page on the Longlease Friends' Gallery
<click here>

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