In Loving Memory of


Northmeadow Leading Lady

May 16th 2004 to August 5th 2013

Farewell to our beautiful big bear

Forever in our hearts, Sharon, Gerry, Holly and Katie xxxx

You will always be in our hearts and with time we will get used to you not being snuggled in our arms.

Who's going to stand at the back door concerned about the cat being out in the rain, shouting for us to let her in?

Who's going to ensure that the world's naughtiest Beagle, Holly, behaves herself?

And how can we survive without a big Nell hug and kiss. So soft and gently and luckily no slobbery tongue! (Well mostly).

And how long will it be before we get used to not being greeted each morning by a fully outstretched Berner on her back, paws in the air waiting for her first big kiss and cuddle of the day.

Oh and those sharp claws that demanded attention when we talked to someone else in your presence, leaving you un-stroked for oh, all of five minutes.

And didn't you like to lean on us. You showed complete trust, leaning in heavily whenever you sat next to us. You were never far from our side.

Will we ever understand your fetish for shoving your head between visitors' legs (?), your nose and mouth clearly visible poking out the other side. I'm amazed how many people allowed it.

You didn't walk you 'trotted' with the grace, rhythm, gait and tempo of a dressage horse at Grand Prix. What a 'posh girl'.

And how prideful you were. Do you remember the surveyor who came to the house who told you how beautiful you were, and then proceeded to say that he preferred a hunting dog. I remember the stunned, intake of breath when, moments later, you plucked a pigeon out of the air and dropped it at his feet, staring at him. You could jump high.

And as for your speed. Another surprise ... You could move girl.

And your deer impression! When chasing a rabbit with Holly, the pesky Beagle, you would chase it into the tall grass, jump vertically, high into the air, front paws relaxed, head quickly turning left and right to try to catch sight of the rabbit before calling to Holly and continuing the hunt. What lower body strength.

Oh and do you remember when you and Holly disappeared and we both spent hours and hours looking for you and on returning to the house after a tip-off, we caught the pair of you just exiting the garden ready to go back up the hill to transport back to your secret hiding place in our garden, the next 'bit' of sheep cadaver. Did you really think if you froze and avoided looking at us we wouldn't see you?

You hated being told off. You would look so sad it was difficult to even raise our voices to you - but we did on occasion and you know why!

Oh our big, big, boo, it will take a very long time to get used to life without you.

You got us out into the fresh air. Had us exploring woodlands, climbing mountains and running through sand dunes at every available moment. We didn't realize that we could run across two mountains in under 35 minutes until you and Holly ran off chasing sheep and we had to go after you.

Nor did we realize how much fun hiring camper vans was and holidaying in the pouring rain in the UK,until you came into our lives.

We had a beautiful life together. The day you died, there were many tears shed (and still are) amongst friends and family and never once has anyone said, "She was only a dog". Quite the opposite. You were very special.

Apart from being intelligent, you could understand English very well ("Brush Nell" - always had you running for the door, no matter what tone of voice was used. "Bath Nell" had you literally taking the door off its hinges).

You showed us that dogs were emotional, prideful, jealous, fun-loving, caring and utterly devoted.

You had a couple of years of problems and we were with you all the way, everyday, never leaving you, always loving you.

It was heart-breaking to end your life and harder still being there at the end. But you died at home in our arms smothered in hugs and kisses. We dug your grave, collected ferns and tree leaves from your favourite walks and lay you on them and then covered you in fresh earth.

You are close by us for always, as you would have wanted.

As each day passes we will forget this pain and remember the pleasure you brought into our lives.
We know you hate to see us sad but just one day at a time big bear, one day at a time and soon everyday we think of you it will be with a smile, not a tear.

Goodnight and god bless our big girl.

Sharon and Patrick (Gerry), proud life-long companions of Nell (Northmeadow Leading Lady)

Nell at the beach!

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