Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Easter 2005!

Adam and Sara come to visit.

Easter Walk

Easter Sunday afternoon and we go for a walk .

Sara, Adam, Sunny and Barney.

In the background up on the hill is Longlease

Easter Parade with the Bernese

"Come on, let's go" say the Bernese.

Berner Barney with Adam, Sara and the sheep and lambs

Sara and Adam with Bernese Barney and the Longlease sheep and lambs.

Sara, Jean and Barney

Sara and Jean with Barney,

Behind us is Ella feeding on hay and the ponies at the gate

With goats, Abbi and Elli

With Abbi and Elli on the goat yard

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"Hey, I'm getting in the picture too" says Berner Barney

BMD, humans and ponies

"Lets check out the ponies, Arthur and Andi"

Dining at Longlease

"And a Very Happy Easter from us all at Longlease"

(That's Matt at the back who lives in my cottage in the woods)

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