Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Longlease Lambs!

Welcoming New Lamb, Posie, to the Gang, April 2004

and our first lamb born here, Longlease,
since the awful time with
Foot and Mouth Disease

Posie the lamb

And a few weeks later, two more lambs born

Nibbler and Sister
Wee Nibbler and His Sister

Nibbler lears to graze
Nibbler learns to be a sheep and not a BMD

Wee Nibbler at the front of the last two pics was rejected by his Mom after birth! And I brought him down to bottle feed! Sim adopted him and cared for him so well
<click here for the pics>

Now three weeks old, he is going up in the meadow again and learning to be a sheep. Has made friends with his sister. ex-Mom has stopped butting him and is starting to graze, though he squeezes under the fence three times a day and comes home for his bottle feed!

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