Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

My Gang - Summer 2003!

Happy Camping!

Young friends, James and Henry come for an overnight visit with their tent and provisions!

Camping with Bernese, ponies and goats!
"What's going on here?" says Sunny, "This looks Fun!"
The rest of the Gang are not too sure!
"Well, I think this is the top" says Father Paul!

Welsh Mountain Pony Andy takes interest at last!
Pony, Andy, is taking interest now as Paul gets the 1st peg in!
James and Henry are already inside.
"C'mon Boys! More Work To Do!"

{short description of image}
"Waterproof covering! Doesn't look quite right to me!"

"Don't know why you're bothering" say Berner, Sim, and the ponies "It's not going to rain tonight!"

James,Henry, Goats and Bernese, off again!
"Where are we off to now, back to the house?"

<click here> to Zoom-In!!

Sleeping Bags and BMD's will keep us warm!
"Ah, of course! Sleeping Bags and provisions!"

Henry and Bernese Sunny inside!
"That's more like it! Sunny and Henry installed!"

1 Berner in, 2 to Go!
"Hey, James, Henry and Sunny!
Thought you said there was room for all us Bernese and you!"

Bernese Mountain Dogs and tent!
"I don't think so!

But they've left the grub outside!"

Goats indoors
"Well, certainly no room for us goats! But we like it in here!"

Goats indoors
"No way, Elli! No goats indoors!

Adults only with bottles of wine and TV dinners!

Get back down there and guard those boys!"

Next Morning

Ponies and breakfast
"James! Honest! I always have CocoPops for breakfast!"

Ponies are tamed
"Leave it out, Andy! These are mine!"

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