Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

My Gang - Springtime 2003

bernese mountain dogs, sheep and ponies

"Everyone's here, Jean, for their morning feed!"

Welsh Mountain Ponies, Arthur and Andy, and all the sheep!

Bernese Mountain Dogs and ponies.

And Bernese Mountain Dogs are partial to Cool Mix too!

Andy and Arthur always toss bits over the gate for them.

goats, Abbi and Elli

The goats, Abbi and Elli, are tethered out on the grass again.

Bernese Barney loves sticks

Bernese Barney has a Spring morning frolic.
He found a good stick in the woods this morning and brought it home.

Pipsqueak the cat

Pipsqueak the cat is hovering! Lunchtime!

Snowflake the cat

Snowflake the cat is waiting in the kitchen

Berners and a cat

"What a busy morning, time for a snooze"
say Sunny, Sooty and Barney.

Bernese Simmy loves to bark

"Much too nice to be indoors"
says, Bernese Boy Simmy!

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