In Loving Memory of

Ella, Bella and Rosie

Our Longlease Sheep

Since the Big Freeze here 2010

We have since lost our three remaining ewes, all these girls getting on in years!

Bella in 2010 and Ella and Rosie in 2011

Ella and Bella were born previous to that awful time here in the UK 2001 with Foot and Mouth Disease

They have all lived wonderful and natural lives here at Longlease.

When we lost our goat girls Abby and Elli also at ripe old ages a few years ago, I made the decision to allow my further cloven foots to live out their natural lives until the best ever end but not to continue with the breeding. The DEFRA Rules and Regs for maintaining even a small flock were horrendous.

So with much sadness our cloven foot Gang is no more!

So many happy memories!

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