Christmas Washout?

Oh dear!
It's the day before Christmas and we have gale force winds here and so much rain.

Called the ponies and they skidded down the bank, they are OK but more trees down!

Mud, mud and still raining!

{short description of image}

Paws crossed, we are up on the hill, rain still coming down!
We are safe up here!

Will further update!

Happy Christmas!

December 26th 2013 - Christmas Day and at last no rain so was able to take the girls out for a good run,
Boxing Day the same but we are now due for further gail force winds later tonight!-(((

Meantime my Berner girls are happy with their Xmas bones!

{short description of image}

New Year Update!

18th February '14 - so much rain!

We are still a very muddy mess up here,

Got worse with the flooding and our drive now is washed away though vans with high suspension can still make it up here for deliveries and at one point brought us up a generator so we had power again!

Gale force winds and Power Cuts, loss of Phone and Internet Connecton over the last weeks but we are OK!

Oh, no! The power is back on and we can hear the vacuum cleaner, hope Jean leaves our bed 'til last!

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning this year!

Paws crossed for better weather and we can start the big clean-up soon!

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