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Pip not doing so well

March 3rd 2012 - Nightmare time as twice my Pipsqueak, now 17 yrs old has had convulsions over the weekend. First time I thought she had come in with a mouse or something as Pixie and Ida were there and barking but when I checked Pip was on her side and legs threshing wildly but no mouse. Picked her up and very rapid heart beat but she soon calmed and then was OK again and ate some food a bit later. Then happened again! Heard a noise and went to see and same again, Lasts around 60 secs at the very most and is some momentary confusion but then is OK,

Off to the vet ASAP!

"In this case, unfortunately there is a major concern when an older cat is having seizures. A younger cat is more likely to have epilepsy. When an older cat such as Pip starts having seizures, we worry about systemic disease or unfortunately even cancer such as a brain tumour."

Pip's bloodwork was taken and has gone off for further pathology. I am not going to put her through further procedures or tests, she hates being at the vet and stresses her out.

March 5th 2012 - Pip was fine over the last few days and is eating very well, I've put her on raw minced chicken, tripe and sardines, the Cancer Diet. She is loving it and I can't believe how much she is now eating!

March 9th 2012 - Pip is doing well!

No further seizures, her appetite is very good, cannot believe just how much she is now eating.
She is coming out for walks with us but stays very close to Pixie!

March 14th 2012 - Still doing well!

The results of the bloodwork we sent off to the lab came back as raised calcium levels, slightly above the higher end of normal. Her white blood cell count was also raised though again just slightly above the norm. Still indicative of a potential cancer or a compromised immune system but Pip continues to do well, her appetite is enormous and she has even regained some of the weight she had lost. The raw, no carbs, diet she is on is suiting her just fine and she loves it and is eating so very well.

Thank you all for your prayers for my wee girl!

March 31st 2012 - Pip is doing just great!

Still spending her evenings curled up next to Pixie

and taking interest in the bones!

See the Girls and their bones!

Update April 14th 2012

No new pics but Pip continues to do well with no further seizures and has even regained most of that lost weight!

Her interest in the dogs' bones continues, seems to me she is really wanting to get at the bone marrow, so I've been scooping out the bone marrow she (and the dogs) can't get at and she is wolfing it down. So far so very good!

August 18th 2012 - All is Well!

No further seizures, she is her happy, playful self. Continues on the raw/no carb diet and is even eating chicken wings for the bone and calcium content, took her a while to get used to eating these as she has to work hard on them but she is now stripping off the meat and gnawing down on the smallest bones. One very small wing I gave her yesterday she ate the lot!

If I can get raw sardines she gets those too, if not she gets canned sardines, mackeral, pilchards in oil.

When feeding both raw and cooked meals make sure to allow around 8 hrs between the feeds as they get digested at different rates.

December 9th 2012

Over the past week or so I was fearing the worst as Pip was getting increasingly difficult to feed and I have had to coax feed her to take anything. Again she has lost so much weight and wanted only to stay cuddled up with Pixie or Ida!

Thankfully today she seems to have rallied. I managed to coax feed her with some chicken liver and tripe mix yesterday and drink some of a chicken flavoured complete drink and today she has been eating without coaxing! OK small amounts but I've fed her about six times today and she has eaten about her usual daily intake, she normally gets fed twice a day! She has also been much more active, for the last few days she has just been curled up with either Pixie or Ida, today when I took them both out she came with us a little way!

December 17th 2012

Pip is eating well again and doing so much better!

Paws crossed!

December 30th 2012 - Update!

Pip's remission did not last very long, on Christmas Eve she was eating only tiny amounts again when coax fed, Christmas Day she did enjoy some salmon and duck giblets but still just tiny amounts. Boxing Day she did eat on her own and a bit more again but since then just tiny mouthfuls and she is so very painfully thin. Today she just drank a little milk snd then went off outside and was missing for about half an hour. I had thought the worse and that she had gone off to do what old cats do when the time has come. I had called and called her and searched almost giving up hope then a little while later, looked out of the kitchen window and she was coming up the steps. She purred and rubbed up against me, climbed into her basket and fell so soundly asleep that an hour or so later I thought she was gone as she didn't even stir when I stroked her, but no! Half an hour later she was up and drinking some water before climbing back in her basket and is now sound asleep again.

She is not in any pain but I know she is coming to the end of her very brave fight.

I won't take her into the vet as that would be too very distressing, if need be my vet will come out here!

Later that night - With sadness when I next checked, Pip had died, peacefully in her sleep.

RIP sweet Pipsqueak we miss you very much, the house is so quiet without you!

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