Barney's 2nd visit
And Bernese Mountain Dogs Galore!

Biggest Berner hugs to you all out there for praying for sunny day!
Today could not have been better!

Cassie brought Barney over for 2nd visit, and Kelvin and Royce came over with their Bernese, Amber and Bo!

A real fun day!

OK, we're at Longlease. Let's go!
Off we go. Barney meets the goats for the first time!
Was bad weather last week and they were in the shed.

Bernese Mountain Dog sniffs!
We're all here all five of us! (And Kelvin!)
Come on you lot. Let's go!!!!

Berners on the bridle path!
Berners on the Bridle Path!

BMD's at the Gate
Where are you? Open this gate!"

Hide and Seek Bernese!
Out in the meadow, Kelvin's off!
Play Hide and Seek!

We found him!!
We found him!
Race you back to Jean and Cassie and Royce!

BMD's meet pony
"Blimey!" says Sunny, "Arthur, the pony, is giving 'em all a good sniff!"

5 Berners and Me!
We have had a great time!
L to R
Sunny, Me, Simmy (down) Barney, Amber and Bo!

Barney moved here to Longlease early June and has settled in so well!

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