Springtime 2000
Hoppy and Poppy with their new babies.

Hoppy gave birth last Friday to a single lamb, sweet little lady we will be calling Ella. Poppy gave birth yesterday, 4th April to twins. Little boy (noname as yet!) arrived of his own accord. Little lady, Bella, needed assistance as her leg was stuck!! Acting midwife, having just woken and thrown my clothes on fast and got out there, had to gently move the leg into the correct position and ease her out! Poppy was very grateful!! Had just got her cleaned up a bit and put her over to Mom for a thorough wash and looked up to find three cats on the straw bale and Sunny and Sim peering through the gate, all watching the proceedings with great interest!! They are very excited with the new babies!! Tee Hee, just brought them all down from the meadow, frost again tonight, so they are confined to my back lawn and their own little nest round the back of the house. View from my bedroom window, they all look very content!

New lambs.


In the meadow with the daffodils.
Sheep and lambs.

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