The Longlease Gang Increases!

Collecting Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Sunny.

 Collecting Bernese Puppy, Sunny.

Here we are, me and foster-brother, Ken, collecting the new addition to our Gang,
Wee Bernese Mountain Dog, Sunny.

Samson, Tinka and new puppy, Sunny.
December 1994, Sunny has just arrived as a puppy. Here she is with Samson, then a year a half, and Tinka, then almost fourteen. The only photograph I have of all three of my Bernese Mountain Dogs together. (Tinka died a few months later, very peacefully of old age).

February 1995, and we had snow! Sunny was so excited, the first time she had seen this funny white stuff!

BMD Sunny.
Here's Sunny, Summer 1996
A Beautiful Bernese Girl
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