Early Days at Longlease.

Jean, Bernese Mountain Dogs Sam and Tinka and Pru Cat.
Jean with Bernese Mountain Dogs, Tinka L, Samson R, and Pru Cat in her cage.

We came to live here at Longlease near the Welsh Borders, UK, in June 1994. A big move as I had lived over thirty years in London and we were City Folk. My Bernese, Tinka, was thirteen but still a very happy, health girl who loved to walk miles. Samson was just over a year old, Pru Cat was twenty one. We moved into a beautiful house hidden in ten and a half acres of overgrown woodland and orchards.
Bernese in the woods.
Bernese Mountain Dogs in the Woods.

Our very own woods where Sam and Tinka could run free, they loved it here.

Prudence.the Cat
 Summer, 1995, was hot and dry. Prudence had a favourite shady spot in the garden. Here she is, a grand old lady of twenty one years.

Bernese Mountain Dog Samson
Here's Sam in the clearing beneath an old, old wild apple tree.

In the years to come this area was to be totally cleared and first Tinka was buried here aged almost fourteen, Pru joined her a few years later aged twenty three and then so sadly, my Big Boy, Sam, who died aged six of lymphosarcome.

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