Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Dogs and Ponies, Spring 2OO6

Pixie meets the ponies

"Don't worry, Spike! The ponies won't hurt you" says Pixie Pup

Bernese, Spike and ponies

"Hey, Spike! It's Arthur and Andi who are supposed to be eating the grass" says Barney

First time out this year to crop the grass around the house for Welsh Mountain Ponies, Arthur {front} and Andi {rear} and Pixie's first experience of them on the loose.

This Bernese Puppy {lying down}is now eight months old and has been very good with them, no jumping or barking though this is her first time close up with them and no fence in between. She has just calmly accepted that they are part of the Gang too and just doing their job!

Bernese Boy, Barney, {sitting} adores the ponies, this is his fourth year here with us and he is used to the 4 legged Lawn Mowers, much prefers them to the Strimmer which makes a terrible noise!

Wee new adoptee, Spike, has been used to horses and ponies in his previous home but was a bit wary initially as the Shetland Pony there used to kick, he soon settled down when he saw my two Bernese were calm and relaxed with Arthur and Andi,

These two ponies have been here now some ten years, rescued from the butcher's block, and though initially quite wild over the years have tamed down wonderfully and done well with all my dogs over this time.

Ah! I can put my feet up and relax in the sun while the ponies mow the lawns!

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