Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Family Page

Introducing Ollie, Simmy's Sire!

Olex Vom Aemmenmatteli (Suisse Import)

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Ollie, Such a handsome Bernese Mountain Dog!


Wally Dog!

June 2003 - a new Ollie Pic

Bernese Ollie and Peggy!

Simmy's Sire, Ollie, continues in good health.
This new pic of him with Peggy, Kernow Merrylegs at Lujento, who is not related to Wally Dog or Simmy, shows him looking handsome as ever! (Olliie rear of the pic and standing, of course!).

Introducing Zeta.
Zeta...Lujento Zeta-Zuccini

Simmy's Great (Half) Niece!
Ollie is her Great-GrandFather!

Zeta, BMD, Simmy's Great-Niece

For Zeta's Pups
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