Montana Grassland Mixes

We have packaged dry mixes based on old cow camp, hunting camp and ranch style cooking. Frybread, Bannock Bread (camp bread), biscuits, and pancakes. Old Time recipes with today’s ease of preparation. Packaged in rich colored bags with eye catching western labels. Our mixes come from growing up country, from meals around the kitchen table.

Our gift boxes feature the same old time pictures. Handmade from start to finish....Just so Montana!


Bernese Mountain Dog

Christmas 2011 Gift Box

RESULTS - $300 RAISED for Berner-Garde

The holidays are fast approaching and as much as we all look forward to the festivities they can get a bit hectic.
Patsy Tihista has stepped in here to help with these gift boxes, which include one of each of these Montana Grassland Mixes.

Thank you, Patsy, for your generous offer to also help our Berners.

The proceeds from these special Gift Boxes go to the Berner-Garde Foundation whose mission is "to ensure that all Bernese Mountain Dogs have a long and healthy lifespan of 12 - 14 years." The Foundation was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Top of the Box

Inside of the box

Box Contents

Each box contains:
1 Stone Trapper Frybread Mix
1 Porcupine Creek Pancake Mix
1 Prairie Walker Sweet Bannock Bread Mix
1 Justice Coulee Biscuit Mix
1 Prairie Walker Savory Bannock Bread Mix,
1 Garden Gate Salad Dressing Mix

Our Bernese Christmas box costs $29 plus either $10 standard shipping for a total of $39 or $15 priority shipping for a total of $44, that includes delivery confirmation.Gift

Here's the website to order your Berner Christmas Box

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Who could ask for more, your Christmas Gifts and
a donation to Berner Garde

The Montana Grassland Mixes Christmas Box 2010
on behalf of cancer research
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