Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Welcoming a new freshly baked Baker's Bernese Bun

Prince Valiant

These beautiful new pics from Chris and Herb Baker.
Wee Berner Puppy, Prince Valiant.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Prince Valiant, just three days old
Tiny Berner Pup, Prince Valiant, just three days old

Bernese Mountain Dog Pup, Prince Valiant
My Mum's got such big feet!

Proud Berner Mum Cassie with new puppy.
Proud Berner Mum, Cassie, with 3 days old, Prince Valiant

Bernese Pup Valiasnt gets a bath
Primce Valiant gets a bath!

Hungry Berner Mom, Cassie
I get hungry too, you know pups!

Hang on! Where's all those other puppies appeared from, I see lots of legs!

Cassie's sister, Sweetie, gave birth to a litter of nine and they are sharing nursing duties
Prince Valiant now has company

for Sweetie and the new litter and more pics
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Price Valiant, Berner Pup, at two weeks
Herb with Prince Valiant aged two weeks

Beautiful Berner Mom, Cassie
Beautiful Berner Mom, Cassie

Cassie and Prince Valiasnt Chill Out!
Cassie and Prince Valiant chill out
rest of Sister Sweetie's pups happy too!

Prince Valiant sleepd
Sweet dreams!

Happy Birthday, Prince Valiant! Now three weeks old

Prince Valiant9

Patriotic Pup

Patriotic Pup Patriotic Pup2

Prince Valiant (now known as Cooper) goes off to his new home
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