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Lots of fun pics from Chris and Herb Baker

Golden Retriever, Abe, with Opie the Cat
Golden Retriever Abraham & Opie Cat, on the bed,
sharing possibly that they are not supposed to get along !!! Ain't love GRAND !!

Golden Retrievers, Bernese and Cats on a cold Winter's Night
Baker's on a cold Winter's Night

When all the chairs are full :)

Love in the Ring!

Here are 3 pics of 'Opie' [the cat] about to 'square off ' with 'Kismet' [Bernese puppy] ...

Now, the cats help raise the pups from birth..They are there when the pups are whelped, surrounding the box, thinking,"Here we go again, more pups to love and raise, what a responsibility !"

O.K.------In this corner weighing in at ??? lbs, is Opie wearing his colors of Orange------In the opposing corner, weighing in at fourteen or so lbs [at least till the next meal], is Kismet or 'Kizzy" as we also call her, in her colors of Black, Rust, and White, both ready to 'get it on'.......Of course, 'get it on' means a 12 round contest, to see who is the biggest "MUSH".........

Opie the cat v Kismet the Bernese Mountain Dog

Opie the Cat v Bernese Kismet

Opie the Cat v Kismet the Bernese Mountain Dog

Well, now that the 'Bout' is over, we can report that the judges decision was that it was a 'DRAW'.... Each contestant had an overwhelming style and capacity to 'LOVE' the other!! They both exited the arena as 'buds', and were heard talking of tactical operations to get some special treats, when Mom 'n Dad were not watching........" Ain't it great ?

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