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Berner Pebbles

Bernese Mountain Dog Pebble in the Snow

From Carole Kaye:

"This is my first picture with my new digital camera. Still getting the hang of it but things should get better with practice. Pebbles makes a little nest for herself in the snow and sits for hours chewing her favourite bone. Ginny soon gets cold and comes indoors."

And more pics from Carole who has surely got the hang of the camera now!

"Here are two lovely pics of Pebbles enjoying the freedom of the beach and just daring to get her toes wet in the tiny waves. She hates water of any kind unless it is in her drinking bowl. Ginny on the other hand just loves the cold water and will swim at every opportunity."

Bernese, Pebbles
Tippy Toe!

BMD Pebbles
Four Berner paws almost in the water!

"LOL! Pebs, you are a wimp!" says Ginny!

And Carole has not only been taking photographs but has also painted this beautiful painting of Berner, Pebbles.

Pebbles painting

For more pics of Pebbles and the Crew
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And BTW! Pebs is dead ringer for my Sweet Sunny Girl!
For pics of Carole and Tony's visit here to Longlease Summer 2002 when Sunny got a lot of hugs!
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