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Welcoming Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Nick Neff

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Nick

With great pleasure we welcome Joye and Bill Neff's new Berner Puppy, Nick.
(Thanks to Laura for the sneak preview picture! - Surprise Joye!)

From Joye to Berner-L 17th Feb. '03

"Maine's Jultomte Alpenbjorn - His call Name is "Nick" and he is 7 1/2 weeks old and weighs about 14 pounds. He is absolutely gorgeous!!!! We picked him up in Voorhesville, NY, near Albany, from Libby Kesner this weekend. We are so thrilled to have another Berner in our home and our lives, because we miss Winston so much. Nick is from Libby Kesner's Minke (Maine's U Gotsum Splain' T'Do) and Rui Rosa's "Apollo" (Lad's Rui de la Suede) from Sweden.

Now you may wonder what this Swedish name is all about - and of course I'll be happy to explain.

His call name, "Nick" is for St. Nicholas, because he and his seven brothers and one sister were born on Christmas Day during a 24 inche snowstorm. Besides, his "granddam" is Nikki, so that is a nice tie in.

Maine's Jultomte Alpenbjorn (In English, that is Maine's Father Christmas Alpine Bear)

His sire is Swedish, my maternal grandfather was born in Stockholm, Sweden and our daughter, Gwen, spent two semesters at the University of Lund in Sweden in 1988, so I wanted to use a Swedish name.

Jultomte translates to Father Christmas because the litter was born on Christmas Day.

Alpenbjorn - we needed to have an "A" name and Alpen just seemed so appropriate. Bjorn is bear in Swedish. Our other two berners had 'bear' in their names: Bern Aare (Bern = bear in Swiss and Aare is the river that flows through the capital city, Bern) and Winston Poohbear - because we needed a "W" name and Winston sounded dignified and Poohbear - because he was a gift from our son, Jay, and his wife, Lisa.

We had a great weekend at Libby's. Our daughter Gwen and her husband, Gary, and our granddaughter, Ella, made the three hour trip from Burlington, VT to come see the puppies on Saturday. We got some terrific photos and video with Ella and the puppies. She was very gentle with them and let them climb all over her.

Everyone agreed that the puppy we picked was the perfect one for us. He is gorgeous and I want to try my hand in showing him (I'm going to need a lot of help from my friends to learn how to do this!) He has a wonderfully confident, but gentle personality and is bright! I'm going to also do obedience, drafting and therapy work with him.

We are so happy with Nick."

Stop Press!!!

New Pics just came in from Pat Long, she has dug herself out of the snowdrifts and just sent me these pics of the weekend and Nick comes home!

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies
Nick is right in the middle, what a poser!

BMD Puppy Nick with Ella
Nick and Joye and Bill's granddaughter, Ella

{short description of image}
Nick with Joye and Ella and daughter Gwen

Brnese Mountain Do Puppy, Nick
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Nick Neff.

Welcome Nick, you are tiny babe at the moment but here to fill that huge gaping hole in Joye and Bill's life!

Bless you, you will be so much loved!

Berner Puppy Nick Neff at 10 1/2 weeks photo by Pat Long

Bernese Puppy Nick Neff

11th March '03 -This beautiful photo of Nick, now aged 10 1/2 wks and weighing 22lbs,
taken by Pat Long at the Potomac Valley Regional speciality in Maryland this weekend.

Nick Neff, cutest Berner Pup
10th April '03 - Nick is now 3 1/2 months - from Joye

"Nick has mastered climbing up into Bill's Lazy Boy and puts his paws on the back to try to climb over onto our bed. I took this tonight and wanted to share it with you....... "

Joye and Winston
Joye and Nick 12th April 2003

"These photos were taken at our Three Rivers' BMD Club meeting today.....

Nick "Stand" Nick Neff Nick Neff
*More pics of Nick*

For the tribute page to Joye and Bill's Winston Poohbear who died recently of malignant histiocytosis
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