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Swiss Stars Ginger and Spice

Bernese Mountain Dog Ginger
Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Swiss Stars Ginger and Spice

Berner, Ginger, aged 11 months old in this picture.

From Kaethy Kennedy re. their wedding cake topper:

"Our dogs were the ring bearers in our wedding. This was before we got our Bernese "Ginger" last year. (I'm having a figurine made so that she can sit next to the cake topper from our wedding.) Our caketopper had our 3 cats and 2 dogs and us, in exactly our wedding outfits. It was great! Go to the website "itfiguresonline.com" to see what she can do. It is a bit expensive but its a lifetime piece of art! (She also has a waiting list so you'd have to be planning ahead.) But it was incredibly fun to have all the personalities and likenesses on our cake - they all looked like they were going to walk off and join the party!"


"Its been fun to share! When we commission the Ginger addition to the cake top family I'll be sure to send you a picture of that as well. The artist was just incredible as far as catching all the personalities. Our gray cat scowls just like that, the other one always rolls on her back, and the two caricatures of us were a little too close for comfort! :)"

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