Biggie and Boots

from Jim Cabler Jan. '03
"I have finally gotten some fairly good pictures of my two humble hounds, if you would care to post them amongst the friends' gallery (only took me, what, a year? Yikes!)."


"Biggie" a.k.a. "BigDog" was a street rescue. He continually roamed the neightborhood of some friends, and was clearly starved and abused. He had a huge infected gash all the way around his neck and numerous scars and sores that appeared to be cigarette burns. He's beautiful now....and huge! I could ride him to work every day! Gentle as can be, but protective when necessary. Our big baby!"


"Boots" came to us "second hand" so to speak. When his original owner became too aged and ill to care for him, we took him. No one is positive of his age, but we know he's at least 17 years old. He doesn't see well anymore and has a bit of "arf"ritis, but still acts like a pup, scampers around with his stuffed toys and loves his adopted BIG brother."

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