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Bernese Mountain Dog, Molly.

From Martha Hoverson,
"Molly is the child of my second marriage--in fact, we got her on April 26th and decided to get married on the 28th, so I guess you could say we had a baby and then had to get married! My three human children (Edward, 16; Peter, 12; and Lucy, 7) are all crazy about her, as are Don and I."

Bernese pup, Molly, two months.
See Me Run! - Molly at two months

Molly at four months.
I'm a wild and crazy girl - Molly aged four months

Molly, BMD, at five months.
Roots are delicious when you have a muffin head - Molly aged five months

Molly's 1st Christmas
Molly's first Christmas 2002 - with my brothers and sister

Molly's first snow
Daddy takes me to see the snow - Molly aged ten months.

Molly, pretty lady
Pretty Molly from Martha, 10th March '03

Sadly, Molly was diagnosed with HD and ED at around eight months and has undergone surgery but as you see above she is doing just fine! For more information of this awful time <click here>

And a new page of Molly with her new brother Sam
<click here>

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