Mora and her Christmas Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog, Mora
From Mark Mohapp:
"Mora, now aged 4, came from the Republic of Slovakia and is the love of my life. Her grandparents are still alive at age 11 and I am hoping that my girl will live a long time."

New borns
These baby Bernese born December 11th 2002

"These are Mora's pups several hours after their delivery. Mora required an emergency c-section and went in to shock during recovery. I almost lost her and after a blood transfusion she slowly came around. I kept staring into her eyes and praying as I watched her poor weak body shake. Very gradually and with God watching over us both she came around and fully recovered. I bottle fed and cleaned the pups - 4 girls and 2 boys for 3 days and on the 4th day Mora was well enough to take over.

I celebrated Christmas on December 11th this year with my dog being saved and then being able to accept these beautiful pups into the world."

sleeping Berner pup
Sleeping Pup.

Berner Mora's Pups

And long life to this beautiful litter of puppies.

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