Happy Bernese Howl...oween!
Halloween 2002

With many thanks to Carol, Holli and Annie
for these wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog Pics????

"Every year my friend has a wonderful Halloween party. For three days before we are carving pumpkins. Then on the big night they are put in the yard and many people come to ohoooo and ahaaa. There are hay bales along the sidewalk to sit and admire about 80 light pumpkins. While sitting on the bales with Annie (four months) dressed in a witch costume,what should happen along but a little boy dressed up like Annie. I don't think they had ever seen a BMD and were just amazed. It was a fun night, and Annie did well with all the excitement.!

Bernese Mountain Dogs???

"Mom, I feel silly dressed in this witch's costume, please don't make me go any further!

Hang about! What's that just went by?"

BMD Annie meets Bernese Boy

"Blimey, it's a little boy dressed up as me!"

"Hello! Yes, I'm Annie! A real BMD! I have white feet, not sneakers!"

Cute Berner Boy Costume

"Cute costume!"

Berner Boy!

"Great Party!!"

"Hey, Mom! Where's the proper pic of me in my Witch's Outfit?"

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