Babe Update!
26th October 2002

A few months ago, Babe got really sick and was feared meningitis, Then after loads of tests and looking even worse, Babe was referred to Stacey Goodman, who at the end of it said it sounded much more like autoimmune than histio, although there could still be an underlying cancer.

Latest mail from Valerie: "To let you know Babe is doing really well. We are on Stacey's protocol and her last bloodwork was normal! She is trotting around, getting up and down easily, jumping up to sleep on the bed, etc. - a completely different dog than a few weeks ago. We will stay on this regimen for 6-9 months and then look at decreasing the NH. Am attaching a picture of her - we all went out to the ocean for a couple of days "

Babe Bernese Mountain Dog at the Ocean

Babe is looking just great and a 'real look-alike' for my Sweet Sunny Girl!
Biggest Berner Hugs and Babe will enjoy many more trips to the beach!

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