Leo's New Puppy

Wee Jack Russell, Bella, meets my Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bella meets Sunny, BMD

"Hello Bella!" says Sunny, "I just love that puppy smell!"

Bella and BMD's

"Hey, Leo!" says Simbo, "She's very tiny isn't she!"

Bernese Mountain Dogs love puppies

"Oh, Bella! You're a sweet little thing but I think she's getting cold, Leo. Lets go inside!"

Caring Berner, Simmy

"That's better, she was shivering!"

Bernese Mountain Dog with Jack Russell Puppy

"I think Bella needs a nap.
Meeting us huge Bernese Mountain Dogs is very exciting and tiring for a wee puppy1"

Berners, terrier and sleepy pup.

"See, Bella's sound asleep and so is Spike!"

Simmy's snake in trouble.

"Oh, oh! She's woken up and found Simmy's snake!" says Barney.

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