More Berner Puppy Pics in their New Homes
Thanks to Chris and Herb Baker,
and the Squillante, Staubi, Kleinfeld , Langer & Burgess Families

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Hi--First up is "Casey" Squillante, resting.
The Sqillantes were instrumental in the rescue of our BARC pup, Eagle.

Kyle and Roscoe

Second are Kyle (2 yrs.) & Roscoe (10 weeks) Staubi.
Both "walk" till they get tired, then catch a ride home!

Sabre BMD Pup and Andrew playing

Third are Andrew (2 yrs) & Sabre (11 weeks) Kleinfeld, playing.

Millie BMD

Next is "Millie" Langer, a true "Lady"

Henry Burgess, Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Here's "Henry" Burgess, of Brooklyn---on, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge.

For the earlier pics of these pups going home,
<click here>

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