Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Tucker

Jan. '03 Here's the latest picture of Hannah and Tucker Burnell

Berner Puppy Tucker with Hannah

How quickly these two babes have grown!
Here's Tucker going home with Hannah (aged fifteen months) and the Burnells

Tucker goes home
Tucker goes home.

Tucker, BMD Pup with Hannah

Hannah (15 months) and Tucker (10 weeks).
Hannah, actually handfeeding Tucker--which he loves!

Tucker, Berner puppy!
Just About to KISS!

Tucker, Berbese mounr=tain Dog Pup plays patt a cake
Hannah teaching Tucker to play Patty-Cake!
Way to go Tucker!

Sneaky pup!
What a cheeky pup!

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Pics with thanks to Chris and Herb Baker and the Bernell Family
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