More Bakers' Bernese Blessings

From Chris Baker 15th August '02 - "I have photos from our "third" litter, born June 20, to "Lexie" & "Luther". We bred both parents & they belong to good friends of ours : Bill & Alicia Hufnagle. We whelped the litter, 12 (yes a dozen) healthy pups, then Bill & Alicia took them & Lexie home & raised them. They got quite an "introduction" to breeding, as they got to bottle feed (!) , to supplement the pups! We are keeping a boy from that litter "Jonah" (A.KA. "Tank"), who has settled right in, here. Will send some photos, later. That's 28 pups, from our line, born in a 3 week span! Boy, are we "blessed"! Busy, busy, busy! "

Bill with BMD pup Marcee.
Bill with Aimee Clarks new addition "Marcee"

Bill with Chloe
Bill with their "keeper" pup--Chloe

Chris with Berner Pup Jonah
Chris with our new addition "Jonah"

Lexie's Bernese Pups
Lexies pups, 7 weeks (out playing)

Alicia with Bernese Mountain Dog Mom, Lexie
Lexie with Alicia

BMD Lexie and Pups
Lexie playing with her pups

Lots of Lexie's pups
Lexie's pups, 7 weeks

Luther and Herb, wrestling!
Luther & Herb Wrestling !

Bernese Pups shake hands!
Lexie's pup wants to "shake" ! All Berners do!

Luther and Herb
Luther & Herb, happy boys, after a good wrestle!

Alicia and Pups
Lexies Newborns, with Alicia

Lexie's pups napping
Lexies Newborns, napping

Bottle feeding close up
Lexies pup, being bottle fed (thank God for goats milk!)

Cutest newborn Berner pup ever
A very Cute newborn!

Lexioe's pups 5 wks
The pups, 5 weeks old, first trip outside!!

With many thanks to Chris, Herb, Bill and Alicia for these wonderful pics.

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