Judy's Tribe of Border Collies.

Judy in the US became another good email friend in '99, her beautiful dog Wag had Lymphosarcoma too and died shortly before my Berner Samson. Here is Gypsy, her mad, bad and utterly adorable sheepdog puppy.
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And another of her Tribe, Rocky.

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From Judy: October 23rd 2001:
Here's a picture I came across of (left to right) my border collies: Tessa, Kate, and Rocky. It was taken about 3-4 years ago -- Wag was supposed to be sitting in what appears as a "void" between Kate and Rocky. Wag just always wanted to be by my side, and so he got up and came over to where I was sitting to take the picture and he sat down next to me. No matter what I said, he just wanted to be close -- so he is not in the picture! He is still in my heart though. I'm glad Samson and he have each other to play with while they are waiting for us!

Border Collies, Tesa, Kate and Rocky!

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