Spike comes to visit.

Spike, Kim, and BMD's Sunny, Simmy and Barney.

July 10th '02 and Spike comes to visit with my next door neighbour, Kim. They live about 1/4 mile away to the left of Longlease across the field. Spike's first visit here for over six weeks and his first meeting with Barney. As you see, everyone is happy to pose for the camera. (Clockwise from the rear, Spike with Kim, Sunny, Simmy and Barney)

Just a few days before Barney came to live here, Kim phoned me late evening in great distress. A freak accident and Spike's right eye had been very badly damaged. I grabbed the torch and shot over there and it was bad. The eye was golf ball size, and he is a tiny thing, suffused with blood and he was crying in pain. I phoned my vet, Ros, explained the situation and she came out to us immediately! Pain killing & antibiotic injection for Spike and then she took him back to the surgery in case the eye needed to be amputated that night. Thankfully, such prompt attention paid off. Next day Kim and Leo, his son, were able to collect him and bring him home though we shared shifts on treating the eye hourly to stop it drying up and becoming infected.

Just coming up to six weeks and Spike is back to his normal, bouncy self. He has lost the sight in that eye but has adjusted very well.

The eye is slightly shrunken but otherwise he is just fine and it was so good to see him today. All the dogs were so gentle with him, they knew just exactly what had happened. Even Sunny, who normally flattens him when he arrives to put him in his place, just laid her head gently across him. He has met Barney at last and had a wonderful afternoon back with his pals again.
Spike close up of eye

Close up of Spike, showing his eye.
In the background, Kim's foot and Barney's nose.

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