A Year in the life of Spike.
By Shane Bairstow Yr 9.CJM.

Happy Spike Spike and his bruvvers.

My name was Scooby, I was a just a year old,
No one did want me or so I was told.
I stayed in rescue for weeks on end,
They thought I was barmy and right round the bend.
Then one day right out of the blue,
A new family came to have a view.

Would they have me? Did I appeal?
Will they love me for real? I had a sniff they seemed okay,
Would they take me that very same day?
Soon I was off on a journey unknown,
In the back of the motor, with Megan so overgrown!
Would this be the right home for me?
Only in time will we see.

They changed my name I'm now Spike.
I adore my new Dad and he spoils me rotten,
Mum says poor Megan he has forgotten.

I want all the attention, after all I've missed out.
But Megan isn't having it and bosses me about.
I decided to see how far I could push them,
Everyone says I'm as good as gold,
Now let's if see if they love me, when I DON'T do as I'm told.

I learn how to slip the lead on Mum,
Her face is a picture she looks so glum,
I give her a glance, smile then run.
I pee on the mats just for fun.
Chew up beds and shoes for good measure
How I enjoyed it, it was such a pleasure!
Did I get told off? did I get hit?
Would they beat me with a large stick?
Would they send me back in despair?
Making out they just didn't care.

No, they love me
I now know for real.
I am a good boy and my life is just brill.

chilling out.

Spike and Shane Chill Out in the Garden

on the sofa

On the Sofa.

Big Bernese Yawn

What a big yawn! Sleepy boys?

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