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Coliburn Bernese

Jude and her BMD Gang!

I was dog mad as a child, that turned to an even greater craving as a teenager and I spent years of evenings and weekends with the Powhatan Labradors learning about working gundogs; as a teenager I trained my own and other peoples dogs and worked in obedience competition, absorbing Working Trials and sheepdog training along the way. I was lucky enough to be a student of the late, great Brigadier Alec Campbell (Rathgael GSDs) and became an obedience instructor whilst still in my teens and Chairman of the Sudbury Dog Training Club."


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Jude has since gone on to be well known as a Championship show judge and author of articles and booklets about Bernese. World renowned as the author of 'The Book of The Breed' - The Complete Bernese Mountain Dog,

"I have been privileged to be able to spend every day of most of my adult life surrounded by my own Bernese and those owned by others. Since 1976 I have been able to gain a huge amount of joy and experience in all aspects of this breed, and I am delighted to share that wealth of experience with other Bernese owners and potential owners. Apart from experience in the rearing and management of my own colony of newborn to geriatric dogs, I have unrivalled experience with many other bloodlines and families of Bernese in the UK through my involvement in rescuing and rehoming Bernese through the Bernese Welfare Scheme, evaluating and modifying problems encountered by hundreds of owners each year who seek help through the Bernese Helpline, and providing the practical help and advice they need to better enjoy their dogs. This means that I am continually learning and adding to my knowledge"

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Three very informative articles re. mating your Bernese Mountain Dog - by Jude Simonds
The Bernese Stud Dog - Fame, Fortune or Responsiblity?
The Stud Dog - Slip Matings, Substitutes and a Steak Aphrodisiac!
So......You want your Bernese Bitch to have puppies!

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