Robin and Toky Jo

From Robin 12/12/01

I've had a look at your web site and signed your guest book. Seeing all those dogs takes me right back to the years I had my own. I've had 5 dogs in all. I started many years ago with Old English Sheepdogs - I had two of those, then I took in a stray mongrel puppy called Muffin who was with me for 15 years, would you believe. I also had two Berners. I started off by buying a puppy from Dot Fry in Cheltenham. I called her Cassie. A year later I got her dad also from Dot Fry. He was called Gopher. Both were the best dogs I've ever had. Cassie was sweet and gentle, Gopher was bold and brave but also very gentle. Both were very good friends to me but passed away far too soon. Cassie had cancer in her lymph glands and Gopher had a brain tumor and so I had to have them both put down eventually. A very sad loss. That was 7 years ago. I took a decision then not to have any more dogs but I still love to look at the pictures! I had once had an ambition to own a small holding, but never had the time or the money to go ahead with it and so as you can imagine I am quite pleased to read about yours. I am also green with envy ! I'm attaching a picture of myself and Toky Jo which was taken last year. I'm the one on the right !

Robin and Toky Jo

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